Vision. Mission. Strategy. Archcom...

Vision. Mission. Strategy. Archcom...

Vision. Mission. Strategy. Archcom...

Archcom company provides complex services of real estate consultancy and agency for specific projects of property development; starts with clients specification screening, market analyses in real estate, reality services, and ends with financing of the project. Company specialization for development following from the experience in the past is optimization of project costs by means of management tool for project management, construction management and cost management. Archcom company professionally covers all the specific needs of all phases in common property projects as follows:

  • Market Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Costing and Cost Management
  • Identification of Clients needs
  • Real Estate Agency for any property sell/purchase
  • Project Management for Complex Property Development
  • Change Management Expertise
  • Representative of Client, Permitting and Preconstruction Services
  • Financial and Fund Raising Services, Mortgage Advisory Services

We look after your existing or future property in full scope of services, including legal and financial servicess taylored for Czech Republic. Motto and philosophy of Archcom company following from history and tells us the business principle used in every business what Archcom does – good reputation is the next fortune...

Daily work is not only the routine in our approach, but very often it is permanent development of transparent business relations with clients, based on the professional agent approach. Archcom company is able to fully exploit international experiences of team members and to apply them to the daily business thus. Permanent market monitoring, demand prediction and up/down supply analysis is a basic part of today’s activities, above all in the office and individual sectors on the Czech market.


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Czech Republic

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